2 Shelf Industrial ANSI A+ First Aid Station with Door Pockets

First Aid Only

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Product Overview

Item: URG-245L

2 Shelf Industrial Station, Metal, Pocketliner, 557 Pieces, ANSI A+, 75 Person, with additional door pocket liner to add custom content in a sturdy, powder coated steel case that is both portable and wall mountable.

If you are looking for both OSHA and ANSI Compliance, we took our best value in a Class A ANSI standard and OSHA required content, added a pocket liner for your own customized content in the door space and ended up with this great 2-shelf, 557-piece industrial first aid station designed as an auxiliary kit for smaller businesses, offices and work sites and serves up to 75 people. Unit refills are color-coded for easy identification in an emergency, and bulk items are easily accessible. Meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI 2015 Standard fill requirements. The swing-down door and easy-to-carry handle make this first aid station extra convenient. Cabinet manufactured in America, and Kit assembled in USA of domestic and imported first aid content items meeting strict FDA, OSHA, and ANSI guidelines. See the great Quick Order page where you can order by SKU / Item number... it is mobile-friendly so you can take your device right to the cabinet and order all your First Aid Refills with ease! NEW Download the convenient inventory/restocking/first aid item list for this cabinet. URG-245L First Aid Cabinet Refills.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) URG-BK-48: First Aid Booklet
  • (1) 2011: Antiseptic Wipes, 20/bx
  • (1) M660: Adhesive Tri-Cut Tape
  • (1) M584: Tweezers, Plastic
  • (1) 2021: Bandage Woven Knuckle, 40/bx
  • (1) 2023: Bandage Woven Fingertip, 40/bx
  • (1) 2518: Burn Spray 3oz, Aerosol
  • (1) 2039: Triangular Bandage 40" X 40" X 56”, Boxed
  • (1) M701/KC: Eye Wash 4oz/120ml
  • (1) 2078: Alcohol Wipes, 10/bx
  • (1) 2163: Plastic Strips 1" X 3", 100/bx
  • (1) 2170: Heavy Woven 1" X 3", 50/bx
  • (1) 2177: Cold Pack 5" X 6", Boxed
  • (1) 2183: Eye Pads w/Tape, 4/bx
  • (1) 2196: Gauze Pads Sterile 3"X3", 25/bx
  • (1) 2198: Gauze Pads Sterile 2"X2", 25/bx
  • (1) 2161: Triple Antibiotic .5gm, 10/bx
  • (1) M526: Triangular Bandage 40” X 40” X 56”, Bulk
  • (2) 3132: Gauze Clean Wrap 2" X 4.1yd, Non-Sterile
  • (1) J224-E: Gauze Clean Wrap 3" X 4.1yd, Non-Sterile
  • (2) 2541: ABD Combine Pad 5" X 9"
  • (1) M582: Wire Handle Scissors 4.5"
  • (1) 2555: X-Strength Non-Aspirin, 100/bx
  • (1) 2641: Vinyl Gloves Medical Grade, 2/pair
  • (1) M5042: CPR Mouth Barrier w/ One Way Valve
  • (1) 2362: Hand Sanitizer .9gm, 10/bx
  • (1) 3469: Burn Dressing, 4" x 4"
  • (1) ANSIA: ANSI Class A Label
  • (1) URG-2549: Pocket Liner
  • (1) URG-245MT: 2 Shelf Bottom Hinge First Aid Cabinet/Station

Buy American! Assembled in the USA of domestic and imported content in an FDA certified facility and using American Labor.

Assembled in California from domestic and imported content in a sturdy powder coated 20 gauge steel case with double draw-bolt latches and 90 degree continuous hinges (which makes a convenient working shelf in this drop-front model) plus key holes for easy wall mounting. Knowing the abuse these cabinets can take, this cabinet has a triple powder coating in white which exceeds ASTM standards for salt spray and humidity to help ward off rust, as well as to resist dings and scratches. (case manufactured in USA)

Kit Dimensions: 15.5" x 4.875" x 10.5"
Kit Pieces: 557
Person: 75
ANSI First Aid Kit Class: A

This product meets or exceeds ANSI I and II criteria.

Type I
- Intended use: stationary, indoor settings
- Potential for damage: minimal
- ANSI Z308.1-2015 Standard Requirements: minimum fill requirements and the means for mounting in a fixed position
- Typical applications: general indoor use, offices, manufacturing facilities

Type II
- Intended use: portable, indoor settings
- Potential for damage: minimal
- ANSI Z308.1-2015 Standard Requirements: minimum fill requirements and the means to be portable
- Typical applications: general indoor use, offices, manufacturing facilities