AED Maintenance Program

Studies have shown that approximately 20% of the AEDs in the U.S. are not kept in a readiness state, due to the lack of maintenance and oversight. Can you imagine running to grab an AED to save someone's life, a time when seconds count, only to find that the battery is dead and the AED doesn't work? Our AED Maintenance Programs are designed to prevent just that. With a small annual fee, you can have peace of mind that your AED is always ready for use and ready to save a life.


Our Basic Program gives you the tools and guidance you need to manage your own AED program including:

- AED serial numbers & accessory expiration date tracking

- Expiring accessory reminders sent at 60 days & 30 days prior to expiration

- AED recall notifications

- AED download assistance if AED is used

- Debriefing after an AED use

- Replacement pads after any use

$25 per AED, per year


The Standard Program is designed for organizations who would still like to manage their own program but would like to budget effectively, years in advance. This plan includes the basic plan plus:

- Pads and batteries prior to expiration

- Physician oversight

- Custom policies & procedures development

- AED softwware upgrades

- Short-term loaner AEDs when needed

$150 per AED, per year


 Our Preferred Program is designed for organizations that would like ongoing support and service. It includes the Standard Program plus:

- Annual AED inspections

- Cabinet maintenance

- Annual AED in-service training




$200 per AED, per year

Basic Program Overview:

The Basic Program gives customers the tools and guidance they need to manage their own AED program. AED Institute will send a reminder email 60 and 30 days before an AED accessory expiration date. Customer is responsible for purchasing and replacing the expiring products. Product must be purchased directly from AED Institute otherwise AED Institute cannot assist with warranty issues. Accessory cost and shipping are not included in the price of the program. Upon replacement, Customer is responsible for notifying AED Institute to ensure account information is updated. *No on-site inspections, in-service training, or product included. 

Standard Program Overview: 

The Standard Program is designed for organizations who would still like to manage their own program but want to budget effectively. Prior to products expiring, new pad(s) and/or battery(s) will be delivered directly to Customer. Customer will be responsible for replacing the expiring product and notifying AED Institute upon replacement. The price of the product and shipping is included in the price of the program. Instructions on how to replace the product will be included in the shipment. *No on-site inspections or in-service training included. 

Preferred Program Overview: 

Our Preferred Program is designed for organizations that would like ongoing support and service. An AED Institute representative will schedule with Customer on an annual basis to schedule an AED inspection. This annual physical inspection will include ensuring that the unit is ready for use, replacing any expiring products, cabinet inspection and maintenance. An annual 30-minute in-service training is included in the Preferred Program. This can be held at the Customer’s location and open to an unlimited number of attendees. 

Standard & Preferred Program Product Requirements:

This agreement is an annual contract. If an annual renewal contract is not accepted within 30 days upon expiration of the previous contract, Customer will be ineligible for free or discounted product replacement when needed. Customer  will default to year one (1) status when counting years on program.


All Program Requirements:

All AEDs within the above programs must be inspected monthly according to manufacturer guidelines. Customer will be responsible for completing these monthly inspections and documenting it on the maintenance tag attached to each AED. AED accessories and pads will not be replaced (Standard & Preferred) if it was removed by Customer for any reason other than using the AED. Customer payment required within 30 days from the beginning of the contract period. Customer must contact AED Institute when an AED is used for download and AED pad replacement.