AED Readiness Program

AED Institute of America offers a full-service Public Access to Defibrillation Program. Our program strategically places AEDs to facilitate rapid deployment and continuous monitoring of the program to ensure its effectiveness. It helps ensure the AED is ready to use in the event of an emergency.

AED Program Coordination

  • Physician oversight; assistance with developing policies and procedures for your AED Program.
  • Existing AED Programs will be evaluated, offering software updates and recommendations.
  • Notification and assistance with AED recalls, manufacturer notices and required software upgrades.
  • Assistance available for AED downloads or AED emergency events.

AED Inspections and Tracking Service

  • AED inspection conducted annually to include self test, pad/battery tracking and cabinet inspection ($125 value).
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the AED to make certain that it is operational when needed.
  • AED serial numbers and accessories will be tracked through our database, includes tracking of AEDs purchased through third party vendors.

AED Pad and Battery Service

  • Tracking service monitors expiration dates on pads and batteries.
  • Customer will receive new pads prior to expiration dates1 ($120 value).
  • Customer will receive replacement pads after AED emergency deployment or use ($60 value).
  • Batteries are covered during four-year warranty period with a one for one exchange2 ($173 value) and batteries replaced upon expiration.3

AED Education Program

  • We offer an annual 30-minute CPR/AED education session for all staff ($100 value).
  • Debriefing offered by the Program Director after each emergency event to provide quality assurance, safety and support.

* Customer is responsible for conducting monthly inspections and for notifying AED Institute of America of any AED related issues or emergency events that include the use of an AED.

  1. Customer must be on program for at least one year, if customer does not renew program within 90 days then customer is responsible for cost of replacement pads
  2. Applies to Phillips FRx and Onsite units only
  3. Customer must be on program for at least four consecutive years. If program began 3 years prior, they receive 75% off the replacement battery, 2 years prior, they receive 50% off and 1 year prior, they receive 25% off.