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Heartsaver First Aid CPR & AED Instructor Training

Course Details and Prerequisites | Time Commitments | Costs

Thank you for your interest in American Heart Association Heartsaver Instructor Training with AED Institute. To enroll in a class, or view our current schedule click here. The following information outlines course prerequisites, required skill proficiencies, required course materials (which are not included in the cost of the class session), and how to prepare. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions via phone (808) 440-8988 or email training@aedinstitute.com.

Pre-Training Course Components:

Upon registration, you will receive a link to the AED Institute – Heartsaver Online Instructor Pre-Course Training. It will include the following assignments:

  • Current American Heart Association (AHA)  Heartsaver Adult, Child, Infant CPR and First Aid provider certification card from AED Institute. Certification cards from non-AHA programs will not be accepted. Important note: A BLS Provider certification does not meet this prerequisiteAn ASHI American Safety and Health Institute blended learning certification card does not qualify. A free provider course enrollment is included in the cost of the course, if you do not currently have an AED Institute provider card.
  • Completion of the online AHA Heartsaver Instructor Essentials course
  • Obtain a copy of the AHA Heartsaver Instructor Manual and read through
  • Obtain the AHA Heartsaver First Aid and CPR course video
  • Exemplary Heartsaver Adult, Child & Infant CPR/AED and First Aid skills (see list of skills below)
  • Instructors are required to join the AHA Instructor Network and request alignment with an AHA Training Center. Instructor will have their alignment approved after completing their Instructor Course.

Course Monitoring:

AED Institute Training Center Faculty must monitor instructor candidates teaching an actual CPR class before receiving an instructor card. Candidates must enroll be monitored within 6 months of their instructor course. If the candidate does not complete the course monitoring session within 6 months of completing the instructor training, the instructor course must be taken again. The instructor candidate must teach an AED Institute class, at the AED Institute training facility. If the instructor candidate wishes to teach a class at their own company or employment location, there is a $50 an hour monitoring fee.

Required Skill Proficiencies:

  • Adult CPR/AED (Heartsaver CPR/AED)
  • Child CPR (Heartsaver CPR/AED)
  • Infant CPR (Heartsaver CPR/AED)
  • Finding the Problem (Heartsaver First Aid)
  • Using an Epinephrine Pen (Heartsaver First Aid)
  • Stopping Bleeding and Bandaging (Heartsaver First Aid)
  • Removing Gloves (Heartsaver First Aid)

Heartsaver CPR & First Aid Instructor Course Time Commitment:

AHA Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Provider Training*

4.5 hours

American Heart Association Heartsaver Instructor Essentials Online Course**

3 hours

Reviewing Instructor Manual & Student Manual

1.5 hours

Instructor Training

16 hours

Preparation for Course Monitoring

2 hours

Instructor Course Monitoring***

5 hours

Total Time

32 hours

*AHA Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Provider Training: To become an American Heart Association Heartsaver Instructor, candidates must have a current provider certification card. If they do not have a current card, the training to obtain a new one takes 4.5 hours to complete.  

**American Heart Association Instructor Essentials Online Course: Upon course registration, instructor candidates will need to purchase an "American Heart Association Heartsaver Instructor Essentials Online" course access key. This online program must be completed at home before the day of the instructor training course and takes about 2 hours to complete.

****Instructor Course Monitoring: After the instructor training, candidates will be monitored teaching an actual CPR class at AED Institute. This session usually takes place two or more weeks after the instructor training course and must be completed within 6 months of taking the instructor course.

Teaching Classes: Prep/Clean Up and Administrative Time Commitment:

Advance Class Preparation (ordering gloves, face shields, books, etc)

1 hour

Class Preparation (printing out class forms, setting up classroom and projector, setting out CPR and first aid equipment)

1 hour

Teaching an Adult/Child/Infant CPR & First Aid Class

4.5 hrs

Classroom and Manikin Clean Up

0.5 hrs

Paperwork (scanning skills forms, filling out roster, uploading documentation to the AED Institute and issuing eCards)

1 hour

Total Time

8 hours

Instructor Renewal Training and Instructor Update Time Commitment:

Heartsaver Instructor Renewal (every 2 years)

4.5 hours

The American Heart Association requires that student maintain their Heartsaver CPR & First aid certification card current in order to teach. This, in addition to taking the Heartsaver Instructor Renewal course will be done once every two years.

The cost of renewal is $195. Between renewals, instructors must read all correspondences from their Training Center as well as from the American Heart Association throughout the year. Every five years instructors will be required to take an online update when the new CPR and first aid protocols are released.

Initial Financial Investment:

(*some costs are approximate and will vary by manufacturer)

Heartsaver Instructor Training


Heartsaver Teaching Materials (instructor manual, course DVD/or streaming)


4 Adult Manikins


4 Infant Manikins


AED Trainer


Gloves, Epi Pen Trainers, Gauze, Bandages


Approximate Initial Cost with Minimal Equipment


Instruction Costs:

Heartsaver eCards (per student)


Heartsaver Student Manual (per student)


Heartsaver Online Keys (per student, optional)



Returns: Shipping/Handling fees are non-refundable. A 15% restocking fee will be assessed to all items returned.