Laerdal Family Package

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Product Overview

Laerdal’s Little Family Pack is a convenient package of CPR training manikins representing the focus age groups for CPR training. It contains Little Anne QCPR, Little Junior QCPR, and Little Baby QCPR with a wheeled carry case for ease of transport and storage. Each manikin features Laerdal’s QCPR feedback technology to help instructors improve CPR training quality, efficiency, and learner engagement.

Package includes: 

 Laerdal Little Family Pack QCPR

 WNL Practi-TRAINERAED Trainer

 First Aid Kit: emergency blanket, 3 EpiPen® Trainers, 25  4” x 4” surgical sponges, and 2 rolls of 4” stretch gauze bandages

Allows you to train 3 students 

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