Preferred AED Maintenance Program

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Product Overview


$200 per AED, per year. Please change the program quantity to the number of AEDs you have.


  • Pads must be within 1 year of expiration date 
  • Additional fees may apply if expired product(s) are found during initial inspection. 

Our Preferred Program is designed for organizations that need ongoing support and service. It includes:

  • Annual AED inspections
  • Cabinet maintenance
  • AED in-service training
  • Pads and batteries
  • Physician oversight
  • Policies & procedures development
  • AED softwware upgrades
  • Loaner AEDs
  • AED recall notifications
  • AED download assistance if AED is used
  • Debriefing after an AED use

Preferred Program Overview: 

An AED Institute representative will schedule with Customer on an annual basis to schedule an AED inspection. This annual physical inspection will include ensuring that the unit is ready for use, replacing any expiring products, cabinet inspection and maintenance. An annual 30-minute in-service training is included in the Preferred Program. This can be held at the Customer’s location and open to an unlimited number of attendees.

Preferred Program Product Requirements:

This agreement is an annual contract. If an annual renewal contract is not accepted within 30 days upon expiration of the previous contract, Customer will be ineligible for free or discounted product replacement when needed. Customer  will default to year one (1) status when counting years on program.

All AEDs must be inspected monthly according to manufacturer guidelines. Customer will be responsible for completing these monthly inspections and documenting it on the maintenance tag attached to each AED. AED accessories and pads will not be replaced if it was removed by Customer for any reason other than using the AED. Customer payment required within 30 days from the beginning of the contract period. Customer must contact AED Institute when an AED is used for download and AED pad replacement.