Prestan Professional CPR-AED Training Manikin (Dark Skin, with CPR Monitor) Family Pack


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PP-FM-500M-DS 1
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Item: PP-FM-500M-DS

This convenient family pack includes adult, child, and infant manikins with Prestan's unique clamshell design, which helps instructors save valuable training time by making setting up, transporting, packing up, and inserting a face shield lung bag quick and easy. A built-in clicker mechanism helps students learn to use the right amount of force to compress the chest to the correct depth, and the patented face/head tilt, which simulates the way an actual victim's head would move, helps students learn how to open the airway during CPR. The manikins also feature a built-in CPR rate monitor that lets students and instructors see at a glance when the proper rate of compressions has been reached. Comes with 5 manikins (2 adult, 1 child, and 2 infant), 50 face shield lung bags (10 for each manikin), and a nylon carrying case.