AED Practi-TRAINER® Essentials | Base Model

AED Practi-TRAINER® Essentials | Base Model

  • $79.95

Item: WL120ES10

This trainer is affordable and compact enough for instructors to bring one for everyone in the class! It offers a universal training experience to prepare students to use a variety of different AEDs. It features two pre-programmed scenarios, clear voice prompts, built-in English and Spanish options, and a metronome. Compatible with any type of CPR manikin that is intended for AED training.

Key Features and Benefits:
• Provides realistic defibrillator training, but cannot deliver an actual defibrillation shock
• Affordable enough for each student in a class to have their own trainer
• Voice prompts to guide students through simulated rescue situations
• Fully Compliant with AHA 2019 guidelines
• Metronome sets proper pace for effective chest compressions
• Lightweight, compact unit is ideal for transporting to training at any location
• Compatible with most CPR manikins that are intended for AED training
• Flexible power options include an AC adapter for longer use or batteries for greater portability

Each Unit Comes with:
• AED trainer
• 1 set of reusable adult training pads and connector
• 1 set of reusable child training pads and connector
• 3 AA batteries
• Nylon carrying case
• Instructor manual
• 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

The 4-pack comes in one outer carry case which houses all 4 individual aed trainers & accessories (see picture)

This item is for training purposes only and cannot be used for patient defibrillation.