Bleeding Control Response Station

  • $1,595.00

The Response Station™ provides quick access to medical supplies and equipment when they’re needed most. By combining multiple lifesaving solutions into a single location, the Response Station™ allows an immediate responder to access what’s needed most without wasting time. The Response Station™ includes a Multi-Trauma Response Kit which contains six Immediate Bleeding Control (IBC) Kits. The Response Station™ Basic does not include a hemostatic dressing in each Immediate Bleeding Control Kit, while the Complete configuration does. 

When the Response Station™ is equipped with the Smart Alarm, removing an item from the cabinet will trigger a combination of lights and siren. By default, the Response Station™ Smart Alarm arrives configured to initiate the siren when either the AED or Multi-Trauma Response Kit is removed, blue lights when the AED is removed, and red lights if the Multi-Trauma Response Kit is removed. If both pieces of equipment are removed, the lights will alternate red and blue. The Smart Alarm can be reconfigured to provide any combination of sound, light and light color.

ActFast Bleeding Kits provide just in time instructions and an initial push in the right direction, through its patent pending packaging design. One side of the package addresses Arm or Leg bleeding and the other side covers Shoulder and Groin bleeding. The contents of the IBC Kit are organized so that if the Arm or Leg side is peeled open, the first thing that is accessible is a tourniquet. Alternatively, if the Shoulder or Groin side is peeled open, the first thing that is accessible is wound packing material. 


Includes 1 Multi-Trauma Response Kit, Basic which contains 6 ActFast Bleeding Kits, Basic. 

Each ActFast Bleeding Kit, Basic contains:

  • 1 - CAT Tourniquet, Orange
  • 1 - Pressure Bandage, 4"
  • 2 - Compressed Gauze
  • 1 - Emergency Blanket
  • 2 - Pairs of Nitrile Gloves



Includes 1 Multi-Trauma Response Kit Complete, which contains 6x ActFast Bleeding Kit Complete.

Each ActFast Bleeding Kit  Complete includes:

  • 1 - CAT Tourniquet, Orange
  • 1 - SWAT Tourniquet
  • 1 - Compressed Gauze
  • 1 - Quikclot Bleeding Control Dressing
  • 1 - Emergency Blanket
  • 2 - Pairs of Nitrile Gloves