First Aid Tape and Bandage Roll

First Aid Tape and Bandage Roll

  • $6.23

Item: FAE-6003

First Aid Tape 1/2" X 5yd. and 2" Conforming Gauze Roll

Secure dressings and bandages with first aid tape that is durable, yet tears easily without shredding. Tape adhesive is hypoallergenic, reducing the chances of skin irritation. The 5-yard roll provides reliable holding on skin with gentle removal. 

Tape is strong enough for securing catheters, tubing and dressings; yet tears easily for hassle-free taping and un-taping

Hold sterile dressings in place with this flexible, soft gauze roll that won't cling to hair or skin. Soft and absorbent, the gauze can hold dressing on wounds, yet provide flexibility for movement if needed. Each roll contains approximately 4 yards of conforming gauze and the 2" width helps cover wounds quickly.

These items are individually packaged for single use, packs come boxed and ready to snap into place in SmartCompliance Cabinets. Each box includes a SmartTab® ezRefill indicator tab that alerts you when it's time to reorder.

The Smart Tab ez Refill System from First Aid Only & First Aid Exchange offers the unique benefit of giving you an easy way to reorder supplies at the right time.